Welcome to all fans of the violin who would like to use this beautiful sound in their wedding ceremony or reception!

The violin is the most versatile of instruments. The violinist can move around, following the bride up the aisle and does not require a seated position but can be wide ranging enough to play any tune at any time. Consider a violinist for your wedding and you can pick any tune for them to play!

Our violinsts can accommodate your music requests throughout the day, All of them are familiar with many styles of music, from classical wedding styles to modern pop music favourites and Bollywood. And all the violinists are experienced wedding musicians, who will know exactly when to play and how long to make music. They won’t play at the wrong time or go silent when they are required to make music. That is the difference between a violinist and a wedding violinists.

Our violinists are familiar with all styles of wedding ceremony and with the expectations of all the wedding professionals, especially the priest or registrar conducting the ceremony. So we won’t strike up at the wrong moment or keep quiet when you are needing us!

Violin music adds that intimate warmth that is missing from a wedding ceremony when you rely on just a cd or iPhone.

Whether your wedding is outdoors or indoors, in a chapel or a hotel or a wedding suite, violin music will establish just the right intimate atmosphere for any wedding day. And if you select the music for our violinists to play, the music will be yours and yours alone.

Please do do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements and we will select from our small team of professional violinists to play for you, playing prelude, processional, register signing music and recessional on either acoustic or electric violin.